Write a navy letter of recommendation

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Write a navy letter of recommendation

I thanked him and that was the last time I had a conversation with him. Though his official job description was still in the works, he had his own ideas about what he wanted to accomplish. In his nomination package for the job, he had written: His office should be open to all regardless of rank or rate.

He should solicit information and suggestions from any person he feels might in some way benefit enlisted personnel, always keeping in mind his primary concern is to give the Navy man a better life, which will, in turn, benefit the Navy in reenlistments.

The year-old master chief was not afraid of challenge. He joined the Navy when he was 18 to get off the family farm near Orr, Oklahoma. But he brought his work ethics with him. Black had also put much effort into developing his own leadership style and philosophy.

You talked to the leading seaman.

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Without a war to fight, practices began creeping in that detracted from the effficiency and morale of some commands. Commanding officers ruled with an iron fist, often making decisions for sailors that Navy Regulations said they could make for themselves. As a petty officer and a chief, Black became a leader who tried to protect his men against such practices, using the chain of command to make his objections known.

He also learned that taking the time to listen and help sailors solve their problems was key to being a successful leader. As the Senior Enlisted Advisor, he was anxious to get out in the fleet and begin listening to sailors and solving problems.

Three Stars Black knew he would need a visible sign that he was, in fact, the top enlisted man. Ima came up with a solution. She suggested putting a third star above his rating badge.

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Black liked the idea and so did the Uniform Board. I had sailors follow me into the head to ask me if I was really a three-star master chief. Black knew that a three-star master chief might cause some raised eyebrows in the fleet but in Washington, it would not be enough to open the 16 doors he needed to enter.

His new office was a former closet. So small you had to step outside to change your mind.

write a navy letter of recommendation

It went well, according to Nolan. He also believed that he would get more down-to-earth answers to his questions from an enlisted person.

I also told him that even though Black was getting proficiency pay, the senior enlisted man in the Navy should be paid as an E-1O.

Nitze on the recommendation. Before long, Black was being consulted on personnel issues by Congressmen who wanted the enlisted view.

write a navy letter of recommendation

While the CNO was not alone in his opinion of the office, there were many more who believed that a senior enlisted advisor was the shot in the arm the Navy needed to shore up retention and morale. Among those were the Secretary of the Navy Paul H. Nitze and his successor, Paul R.

As the firsl enlisted man to wear three stars, Black discovered that no one in Washington was sure where he fit into official or social protocol. So, he picked his own place in the pecking order. Anyone below rear admiral, he told his yeoman, would be required to make an appointment before coming to see him.

If a rear admiral or above wanted to talk to him, he would make the appointment to go see them. Black began testing the structural flexibility of the Bureau.A negative recommendation really serves no purpose, so if you find yourself going down that road, it’s better to tell the person no.

And, of course, ensure that you personalize every single letter that you write. Sample Letters & Packages Currently selected; Reserve Supply Corps Career Playbooks; O5 Operational / Command Ashore Screen Recommendation Letter O5 Operational / Command Ashore Screen NOT Eligible Letter PRD Change This is an official U.S.

Navy Website Need Career, Pay or Personnel help? Call MyNavy Career Center. BUPERSINST B 9 Jul 08 2 form in NAVFIT98A will be used for W2 through O6 reports only. A change to the report name will be made at a later date. Writing to the military personnel is a very special thing to do and shows your support to people who always put their lives on the line to protect you and serve the country.

Letters to the army are meant to put a smile on the recipients' face. This military letter of recommendation format style should be used when the letter writer is in the military or a civilian employed by the military and it is going to another military leader as an official form of .

Other attachments to the letter of recommendation include a request -- that will go up the chain of command -- to the Secretary of the Navy for the secretary’s nomination to the academy, copies of the sailor’s high school and college transcripts, plus a copy of the SAT or .

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