Understanding antonios conflict with god in bless me ultima

This time, they lead him to Rosie's house, joking and motioning for him to enter. Antonio cannot; he vows that he will preserve his innocence forever; he will become a priest. His brothers scowl and laugh at him: The concept of innocence eludes the young boy; his mother has said that innocence lies in not knowing; the priest has said that innocence lies in understanding good and evil as God fills one's body at communion.

Understanding antonios conflict with god in bless me ultima

This quote accurately reflect the constant conflict that Antonio has with religion. Him questioning his faith directly results in him becoming more intrigued by non-traditional spiritual methods. How can you blame a kid of that age when he sees non-traditional spiritual methods work opposed to witnessing death on a regular basis.

In a way he associates traditional religion with death and remorse, while he associates life and survival with indigenous beliefs. At this age, he obviously is going to struggle with the idea of death. As people he knows and cares about begin dying it is a very tough thing for him to deal with.

Another thing that leaves questioning where his loyalties should lie with regard to spiritual beliefs is the fact that the the Golden carp seems to be a protecting God, while the Catholic one appears to be jealous of worshipping anything other than himself. This idea confuses Antonio because he believes that Gods should promote love and compassion, not be jealous of ones beliefs or mistakes.

In the end, I think Antonio will end up understanding the Catholic religion in time.

Understanding antonios conflict with god in bless me ultima

In time he will lose his innocence, leaving him a little more cautious when believing Golden carp type stories.Jan 24,  · And I thought, the power of God failed where Ultima’s worked; and then a sudden illumination of beauty and understanding flashed through my mind” ().

This quote accurately reflect the constant conflict that Antonio has with religion. Antonio Márez - The precocious protagonist of Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio is six years old at the beginning of the ph-vs.como is serious, thoughtful, and prone to moral questioning, and his experiences force him to confront difficult issues that blur the lines between right and wrong.

The distanced narrator can be omniscient, able to read the minds of all characters within the novel. Ultimately, the type of narrator determines the point of view from which the storv is told. Bless Me, Ultima is narrated by Antonio from the first-person point of view.

\X e see and experience all the novel's events through Antonio's eyes. Bless Me, Ultima spans three years in the life of the protagonist, Antonio Marez.

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When the novel begins, he's just five years old, but in the span of a few short years, he struggles with his religion, his relationship with his friends . The orange of the golden carp appeared at the edge of the pond We watched in silence at the beauty and grandeur of the great fish.

Out of the corners of my eyes I saw Cico hold his hand to his breast as the golden carp glided by. Antonio's Dreams Through out the novel, Bless Me, Ultima, Antonio has ten dreams that unconsciously helps him understand answers to many of his questions.

Without these dreams, Antonio would be lost in the world that surrounds him.

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