The life and ministry of augustine

Overview[ edit ] The Rule of St. Augustine, written about the yearis a brief document divided into eight chapters and serves as an outline for religious life lived in community. The title, Rule of Saint Augustine, has been applied to each of the following documents:

The life and ministry of augustine

Appreciation for the transcription work goes to Marilyn Fine. Remember we said that we often do not know a lot about these women because they did not have time to journal. Not to mention, many did not know how to read and write—which makes a difference.

The life and ministry of augustine

Men who recorded history at that time did not see any particular need for recording about things that women did or thought or felt. So, we do not have a great deal of information by these women, especially the further back we go in history.

What we do know I claim is enough. It is enough to help us give some perspective. These women served as mentors, as models. Sometimes you have a mentor who is a personal mentor, but I think also you can have mentors who have already gone before you.

They lived many, many years ago and who still mentor you through their writings, through their actions, through what they did. They serve as examples and models for us. I want to talk about one of these women today.

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Her name is Monica. She was the mother of Augustine. Well, think about St. Think about the mother of Augustine because she had an unbelievable effect on one of the greatest men who ever lived.

The thing that we are learning from Monica today is an example of a praying mother. I do not know many things that unite women as motherhood does. Even women who do not have children relate to the nurturing instinct, do they not?

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They need to nurture. They recognize the power of that maternal love. Everybody who has that instinct or has that feeling certainly knows what I am talking about when I talk about the angst of mothers.

When my daughters were both pregnant with their first children, I told them individually not together as I wanted to break it to them gently that I will tell you the truth: I might as well tell you now your life is ruined! You will never have another carefree moment ever, ever, EVER.

Yes, I told them that a little bluntly, a little too soon. I might have broken that to them a little gentler which might have been better. They are experiencing what I talked about.

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Oftentimes a mother is only as happy as her least happy child. Now, is that true or what? Well, that is true of Monica. She had two other children who were committed Christians and did great, but could she relax and enjoy them?

She totally obsessed with the one son.St. Augustine School's commitment to service in the community is featured prominently in the January 25, issue of The Catholic Spirit: Kindergarten's participation in the inter-generational Christmas play "The Angel's Song" at Brandywine Living (pages 1 and 22), students of all grades collecting donated items for the Hands Across the Sea Ministry .

Ministry is faith in action, gifts realized and shared, and life renewed in service of the God we love and praise. There are a wide variety of ministries at St.

Augustine Church. Scholarship and Ministry in the Life and ought of Augustine Abstract Augustine is frequently recognized as one of the grea test Christian theologians in all of church history. Beulah Road, N. Chesterfield, VA Phone () / Fax () "The Mission of St. Augustine Catholic Church is to be a Parish Family.

Augustine students are ready to distinguish between facts and alternative facts, despite roadblocks and challenges. Newspapers, digital media and broadcasters consistently reshape their operations to quickly gather accurate reports and share information through a variety of channels and platforms.

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The Life of Augustine of Hippo

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