Part time job influenced students study essay

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Part time job influenced students study essay


What scientist could resist? I was expecting an impersonal chamber crammed with specimens and devices. Perhaps a brightly lit, crowded, antiseptic room, like the research bays we had just been exploring.

But when we entered the Cushing Center in the sub-basement of the Medical Library, it was a dim, hushed space that led through a narrow opening into an expansive area for exploration and quiet reflection.

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As my guide noted, it looked remarkably like a posh jewelry store, with lovely wooden counters, closed cabinets below and glass-enclosed displays above. Where I had envisioned an imposing, sterile wall of containers, with disembodied brains floating intact in preservative fluid, there was instead a long sinuous shelf of jars just above eye level, winding around the room.

Muted light glinting off the jars, and lending a slight glow to the sepia-toned fluid within, gave the impression of a vast collection of amber.

In frames leaning from countertop to wall or resting in a glass-topped enclosure set within the counter were collages of photos and drawings. Surprised, I stepped closer, glimpsed human faces, and found extraordinary science therein.

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I had anticipated spectacle: Instead, I experienced science in its most human manifestation: The photographs were posed to show the whole person as a unique individual — and also, in many cases, revealed the presence of the brain tumor they were then living with, through the shape of the skull or as a lump beneath the skin.

The drawings revealed the location and anatomical details of the tumor. The very brain that had animated the person and suffered the tumor reposed in its jar nearby. One could not walk away unmoved. On the personal level, I was reminded of various individuals I have known whose deaths were caused by brain tumors.

The first, decades ago: The most recent pair, within the last year: As a scientist, I was reminded viscerally that this is exactly what we mean when we say all science exists within a human context. The human patients on whom Cushing operated were everything to him, simultaneously providing motivation, subject, object, and methods for his research.

Part time job influenced students study essay

In endeavoring to find cures for their conditions, he studied their lives and symptoms, operated on and sketched their tumors, and used what he learned from each case to improve his effectiveness.

The purely scientific aspect of his work advancing the surgical treatment of brain tumors was inextricably linked with its humanistic aspects understanding the histories and fates of the individual members of his clinical practice.

Indeed, it was his methodical linking of the clinical and human sides of medicine that made his contributions of such lasting significance. Indeed, his own artistic talent and training was crucial for accurately recording the outcomes of his surgeries.

The contents of the images capture the conditions of patients when they came to see Cushing, the treatment, and the aftermath. Second, the combined images directly influenced the course of medical history.

Cushing deliberately correlated, through the information in the photographs, anatomical sketches, and medical records, the external indicators of otherwise hidden medical problems within the skull. This led to improvements not only in how neurosurgeons operated but also in how readily other doctors could recognize early external indications of brain tumors and send patients for prompt treatment.

As an educator, I find that the displays in the Cushing Center encapsulate why young scientists need to study their fields in historical and social context. Isolated technical proficiency would not have enabled Cushing to become the originator of modern neurosurgery; his intense focus on the human condition was essential.

A very few scientists may be largely self-taught and spend their entire careers working on abstract problems in isolated research institutes without ever teaching a course, writing a grant or giving a public lecture.Nov 14,  · Join other students! Free Writing, Editing, and Research Help What is your greatest skill and how have you developed it over time (UC essay question) Essaysberry - 1 day ago Holt - 18 hours ago.

Why urban areas has led to overpopulation and . To be full-time at secondary school, you need to be doing at least 20 hours in the classroom a week.

Student Loan What parts of the Student Loan you can get depends on if you're in full-time or part-time study. Background of the Study A part-time job is a form of labour where in one works fewer hours per week than that of someone who works at a full time job. Those who have part-time jobs work for less than thirty to thirty-five hours a week.

Statistics about Teenagers and High School Students. We'll be the first to tell you there are a LOT of statistics about teenagers and students on this page. Stage of Life® has spent years working with tens of thousands of teens to pull exclusive statistics about high school students to share from both its teen trend reports and outside sources.

Some of these statistics may shock you. Being a college student can be quite stressful: there are academic requirements to comply with, there are friends and family to spend time with, there is a part-time job to pay the everyday life expenses, etc.

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Part time job influenced students study essay
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