How the beatles influenced america essay

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How the beatles influenced america essay

A Friendship, Part 1 of 5 By John Waters I have a really good friend who was convicted of killing two innocent people when she was nineteen years old on a horrible night of cult madness.

She was one of those notorious "Manson girls" who shaved their heads, carved X's in their foreheads and laughed, joked, and sang their way through the courthouse straight to death row without the slightest trace of remorse forty years ago.

Leslie is hardly a "Manson girl" today. Sixty years old, she looks back from prison on her involvement in the La Bianca murders the night after the Tate massacre in utter horror, shame, and guilt and takes full responsibility for her part in the crimes.

I think it's time to parole her.

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I am guilty, too. Guilty of using the Manson murders in a jokey, smart-ass way in my earlier films without the slightest feeling for the victims' families or the lives of the brainwashed Manson killer kids who were also victims in this sad and terrible case.

I became obsessed by the Sharon Tate murders from the day I read about them on the front page of the New York Times in as I worked behind the counter of the Provincetown Book Shop.

Later, when the cops finally caught the hippy killers and I actually saw their photos "Arrest Weirdo in Tate Murders", screamed the New York Daily News headlines I almost went into cardiac arrest.

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The Manson Family looked just like my friends at the time! Charles "Tex" Watson, a deranged but handsome preppy "head" who reminded me of Jimmy, the frat-boy-gone-bad pot-dealer I had the hots for in Catholic high school, the guy who sold me my first joint.

There was Susan Atkins, a. And look at Patricia Krenwinkle, a. Katie, a flower-child earth-mother just like Flo-Ann who squatted with us that wonderful summer on Cape Cod. And, of course, my favorite, Leslie Van Houten, a.

Lulu, "the pretty one". The homecoming princess from suburbia who gave up her title for acid. The all-American girl who went beyond insanity to unhinged criminal glamour just like Mona, my last girlfriend, who took LSD and shoplifted and starred in my underground movies all under my influence.

Until, that is, the day she caught me in bed with a man who looked kind of like Steve "Clem" Grogan, another Manson fanatic and dumped the contents of an entire garbage can on us as we lay sleeping.

The "slippies", as Manson later called his followers, the insane ones who didn't understand the humor in Yippie Abbie Hoffman's fiery speeches on his college lecture tours when he told the stoned, revolutionary-for-the-hell-of-it students to "kill their parents". Beyond blowing up their parents' townhouses, draft boards, even the Capitol Building in Washington, D.

Sure, my friends went to riots every weekend in different cities in the '60s to get laid or get high, just like kids went to "raves" decades later.

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But, God, this was a cultural war, not a real one and the survivors of this time now realize we were in a "play" revolution, no matter what we spouted. But the Manson Family!

Here was the real thing -- "punk" a decade too early.The Beatles Essay They have influenced the artists of the 60s and the 70s, and also many generations later and to come. Originating from Liverpool, Known as Rock and Rolls greatest accomplishments in the history of popular music, The Beatles are still one of America’s largest known bands.

Originating from Liverpool they started. Map of North America highlighting the shallow inland seaways present during the mid-Cretaceous period.

How the beatles influenced america essay

By William A. Cobban and Kevin C. McKinney, United States Geological Survey.

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FREE COURSE THE WORLD, THE JEWS AND THE SCIENCE OF HUMAN SURVIVAL Anti-Semitism, division, separation, violent conflicts and a general breakdown of the institutions of human society. The Beatles’ songs had influenced the generation in their interests of art, their way of wearing, and their attitude and way of living.

Until now, the band has been gone for almost 40 years they are still showing strong influence on the whole British society. Free Essay: The Beatles' Influence University of Phoenix Soc Team Collaboration, Conflict, and Resolution January 4th, Who or what defines an. Nov 30,  · Beatles influence on American Culture Erik Mohline These Women Were At The Beatles’ First Performance In America And Their Stories Jerry Seinfeld: Beatles Influenced .

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