Essay on making the right decision

Creating a personal narrative essay Ethical Choices Responsible adults capable of making their own decisions may include ethical choices. This is a concept that involves making a fair decision between right and wrong. Sometimes it is a matter of analyzing a situation based on what you know while reviewing advantages and disadvantages. Most people try to make ethical choices that will benefit them or someone they care about.

Essay on making the right decision

Doing the right thing — ethical decision making Ethics is a complex area. It is concerned with the kind of people we are. It is also concerned with the things we do or fail to do.

This short statement has the latter as it focus — what we do, and how we decide what we ought or ought not to do.

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Ethics does not provide simple answers, except on the most patently obvious issues. That does not mean ethics are of no value. They are truly our lane markers along the highway of life. They offer guidance in lines of action. Ethics is about right and wrong in human conduct. Ethics is about choices, dilemmas and grey areas.

It explores the question of what we ought to do, rather than simply discuss what people could do or actually do. As free persons we are constantly faced with making choices. Some of these will be trivial such as what outfit to wear today, some will be much more serious issues, even involving life and death.

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The decisions we make here can be so fundamental that they will shape the kind of people we become. This is why ethical decisions have to be made carefully. In order to know what to do in a given situation, we need to explore the issue carefully in terms of the action involved, its consequences and the context in which it takes place.

Once we have clarified these points, our personal values will guide us in making the final decision.

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Where do you stand? The position taken on an ethical issue will depend on two things: Values are the things that we hold important for our sense of who we are.

Essay on making the right decision

They are expressed in statements such as "human life and dignity should be protected," or "cheating is wrong. In some situations even people who agree on the same values will disagree on the right choice because a particular situation brings different values into conflict and requires us to prioritise our values.But justice is not the only principle to consider in making ethical decisions.

The Importance of Decision Making

Sometimes principles of justice may need to be overridden in favor of other kinds of . Atomic Bomb Decision. The year was World War II was nearly over. Germany had been defeated and the allied forces were sure to win the war. When you’re making a decision that involves complex issues like these, you also need to engage your problem-solving, as well as decision-making skills.

It pays to use an effective, robust process in these circumstances, to improve the quality of your decisions and to achieve consistently good results. Doing the right thing – ethical decision making. Ethics is a complex area.

Essay on making the right decision

It is concerned with the kind of people we are. This could be called the “ethics of being”. It is also concerned with the things we do or fail to do. This could be called the “ethics of doing”. "When you are making a decision it's best to talk it through with an adult to make sure it's the right one." Hayley "I was on the phone, mum asked me to get off and I didn't.

6 Comments on How to Make the Right Choices in Life A few weeks ago I asked readers what one problem they would like solved. Salina had a really interesting question regarding decision making and how to ‘know’ when you’re making the ‘right’ choices.

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