Contents of a business plan gcse geography

Studying[ edit ] The number of A-level exams taken by students can vary. A typical route is to study four subjects at AS level and then drop down to three at A2 level, although some students continue with their fourth subject.

Contents of a business plan gcse geography

However, the number of people living in urban areas is not the same across the world and it varies between places.

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BBC, Thomson Reuters are centres of tourism have mass transit systems, e. Compared to the structure of a developed world megacity, the layout of a developing world megacity is a lot more irregular The fast rates of growth and poor planning controls means land use is not defined will and people will often take the opportunity to build homes on any patch of land There is a lot of housing shortages, also leading to people setting up homes on any free piece of land Population of megacities In developing world megacities, the fertility rate is often very high leading to high population growth and a youthful population Developed world megacities are often the opposite to developing world megacities.

They will have relatively low fertility rates and as a result will have a population with more elderly people. The transportation from far-fetched countries will inevitably add to the cost of the product to the consumer and also the carbon footprint of the city.

People living in these megacities are being encouraged to buy more locally produced food Energy A large megacity is going to use a lot of electricity and gas for the many homes and businesses and getting all the energy needed for the city is no easy task. The city will have to decide how it is going to generate this energy, especially with fossil fuels running out.

They could use coal-fired power-stations, but these release a lot of unwanted pollution into our air. Nuclear power is also an option, but this is very dangerous with the potential of radiation being released.

Regardless of how it generates it energy, huge amounts of of resources will be used. Transport Any large city will face problems with congestion on roads as the large volumes of people all try to get around the city.

All the cars will also be polluting the air so the air quality in a megacity will not be very good despite technology helping more modern cars producing less pollution.


Water Another major challenge for developed world cities is the supply of safe, clean water. A megacity will often have a demand for water greater than the supply.

The Challenges of an Urban World - GCSE Geography

This means that water needs to brought in from other areas or other solutions need to be drawn up, such as a desalination plant. Waste Every person and business will produce waste, and the rubbish of a city combined is going to be huge. Much of this waste will end up going to landfill which is both expensive and wasteful.

contents of a business plan gcse geography

The large majority of it is transported by lorries. Energy Each year, New York uses 50, gigawatts of electricity, mostly produced by oil, gas and nuclear-fuelled power stations. Transport Like lots of other cities, New York suffers from congested roads and poor air quality.

Challenges facing developing world megacities Housing The level of housing simply cannot keep up with the rate at which the population is increasing. This leads to people resorting to building their own homes on any vacant land using scrap materials like cardboard, corrugated iron and plastic.

Using theses scrap materials presents serious risks such as fire, flooding and landslides. All these conditions make it a perfect breeding ground for disease. Transport Roads in developing cities were never originally built to handle such large volumes of traffic they do today, because of this, the roads will often be very congested.

The ownership of cars has also increased significantly adding to the problem of road congestion and air pollution. Serious levels of air pollution can cause various health problems as well such as asthma and bronchitis. The lack of supply of safe water means that people have to find alternative sources which may mean for some people having to drink from pools of water on the ground.

Drinking water like this which is most likely polluted accounts for 2 million deaths worldwide each year. Open water also attracts mosquitoes and provides a breeding ground for malaria.The business plan serves several purposes:it (1) enables management to think through the business in a logical and structured way and to set out the stages in the achievement of the business objectives.

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contents of a business plan gcse geography

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[page 1] THE NATIONAL CURRICULUM A CONSULTATION DOCUMENT. INTRODUCTION. 1. The Government intends to introduce legislation this autumn to provide for a national curriculum in maintained schools in England and Wales. Urbanisation is happening around the world, and in , for the first time, the number of people living in urban areas was greater than the number of people living in rural areas.

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