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Arlys Tigershark Place of Birth: Pasadena, California Base of Operations: Mobile; formerly Atlantis First Appearance: Before his transformation, Arliss was a powerful athlete and swimmer.

He now breathes underwater, via gills, and has shark-like sharp teeth. Arliss has super-strength, and can lift upwards of 40 tons in water and less on land, though his power levels have fluctuated over the years. Arliss operates well underwater, possessing the Ar rahn and skills needed to do so.

He can also breathe air and operate on land, though he needs a water-replenishing suit to survive, a weakness that many foes of his have exploited. Tiger Shark can swim at a maximum speed of sixty miles per hour. Tiger Shark has shown the ability to enter a hibernation state, slowing his heart rate, like sharks can.

Arliss once used a jet-pack and energy-gun in battle.

Ar rahn

Arliss's powers have fluctuated over time, and he has Ar rahn at least one 'recharge' from Namor to maintain his powers. Recently, his physiology has began shifting from a more shark-like state to his human form.

The source of these transformations is unknown. Sub-Mariner I 5 fb - Todd Arliss was acclaimed as the greatest swimmer of the decade and led America to Olympic victories.

After the Olympics ended, Arliss signed up for over a half million dollars in exhibitions and endorsements, planning on finally making some money for his talent. On the boat ride back to the States, Arliss rescued a man overboard, seeking to make a name for himself for heroism.

Though the man was saved, a wave washed Arliss into the ship's hull. Arliss's back was injured and he found himself no longer able to swim, a fact that devastated him. Arliss spent weeks and all his fortune visiting doctors and looking for a cure.

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He signed himself over to Doctor Dorcas, who promised Arliss results. Against Dorcas's reservations, Arliss brought his sister, Diane, with him to Dorcas's New York coast mansion to find a cure. Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Deluxe Edition 13 - "Dorcas subjected Arliss to a great variety of experimental procedures involving high--frequency radiation therapy which restored Arliss' damaged nerve tissue and ligaments.

Dorcas then placed Arliss within the Morphotron, an experimental device able to imprint upon a human being the genetic pattern of another creature, in this case a tiger shark.

He carried a weakened Namor, the Sub-Mariner, who was being held captive in an Electroni-vest, into the Morphotron chamber despite Diane's protestations. He donned his pressurized suit and was strapped into the Morphotron, which was connected to Namor and a vat of captured sharks.

Arliss, calling himself Tiger Shark, became enraged and cast Dorcas aside and destroyed some machinery. He then kicked a weakened Namor aside before realizing he couldn't breathe. Arliss jumped into the ocean, vowing to make it his new home.

Arliss collided with a submarine, finding the Lady Dorma inside.

Ar rahn

Namor pursued Arliss into the water, but he buried Namor beneath the submarine and took Dorma captive. Sub-Mariner I 6 - Arliss coerced Dorma into taking him to Atlantis, where he planned to rule through force.

Arliss rescued Dorma from a sea monster and the two of them arrived at Atlantis. Arliss battled his way through Atlantis' flanks, and he demanded their crown.

Seth challenged Arliss to single combat, the winner being granted rule of Atlantis, and the ruling council, including Vashti, agreed. Seth was soon defeated and Arliss ruled Atlantis. Namor soon arrived, again at full strength, and Arliss attacked him. Arliss tried wielding Neptune's trident in battle unsuccessfully, then resorted to throwing fists and boulders.

He was soon defeated and imprisoned, and Namor was given rule of Atlantis once again. Sub-Mariner I 7 - Arliss remained in an Atlantean jail while scientists tried to cure him.

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Namor spoke to Arliss through a viewscreen, asking where Diane lived. Arliss claimed he had no sister, threatened Namor, and smashed the viewscreen in his cell in a rage. Ikthon was able to procure the information with a hypnotic device, however.European Odyssey Survival Skills and Language Aids English to French Words This is your easy to use list of English to French words and phrases to use while.

Mara (Namor I#34 (fb)) - Part of a nomadic Atlantean colony, Mara met and fell in love with Arlys Tigershark, the former villainous Tiger Shark. REVISED: 1/18/ Raache No location found. LR-1 aka Honroth Special = 1pClwM; Continental.

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Geboren , München Gestorben , Genf (ermordet). European Odyssey Survival Skills and Language Aids English to French Words This is your easy to use list of English to French words and phrases to use while.


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