A biography of washington irving

He escaped a college education, which his father required of his older sons, but read intermittently at the law, notably in the office of Josiah Ogden Hoffman, with whose pretty daughter Matilda he early fell in love. He wrote a series of whimsically satirical essays over the signature of Jonathan Oldstyle, Gent. He made several trips up the Hudson, another into Canada for his health, and took an extended tour of Europe in — On his return he passed the bar examination late in and soon set up as a lawyer.

A biography of washington irving

See also update frombelow. Washington Irving properly portrays General Washington as a steady, amiable, Godly man who did not let his feelings take control of him.

He was truly a mighty patriot and loving general who felt both paternally and politically responsible for the army under his care. I was de See also update frombelow. I was deeply impressed by his dignified silence when others attempted to divest him of his position as Chief Commander of the Armies of the United States, naming him in undisguised terms, in letters that reached him in roundabout ways, a "weak general" who needed to be replaced by the celebrated General Charles Lee, whom more avid historians A biography of washington irving remember doomed his career when he disobeyed Washington's orders at the Battle of Monmouth.

Through all the rumors, spiteful comments, and intrigues, Washington did not once defend himself publicly, until induced to respond; and even then, did not boast himself as being a General the American people should be proud of.

On the contrary, he actually agreed with some of the accusations of indecision and failures in some campaigns. But at length the opposition died away, and his truly patriot character was once more realized by the people. Nearly everything he undertook was blessed, and he almost always seemed to divine the enemy's plan which I sincerely believe was God's Hand on him.

Needless to say, I eagerly anticipate reading the concluding volumes about this great and good man. There ARE five volumes, just not as many on the Robinson list. Irving said in the forward to the 3rd Vol.

But he soon found that "his theme unexpectedly expanded under his pen" That's fine with me. After graduation I'd love to read the last two. Right now, I'll just finish what I have to! However, I'm not sure why the title says there are five volumes-- the Robinson list says there are only Well written, very interesting!

I still need to read off the computer or get a printed copy of vols Americans I read part 1 of 5 volumes of this work. It seems that the other 4 volumes are difficult to acquire. In fact, you can't get them at all on Kindle.

This is a crime against humanity that needs to be remedied. So this review is only referring to Volume 1. I will try to get to the other ones eventually. I don't usually read very much non-fiction, and I don't think I have read a proper Biography since Elementary school. But I do like to learn more about historical figures.

George Washington, as the f I read part 1 of 5 volumes of this work. George Washington, as the first President of the United States, is a person whose life and words seem to be oft thrown around by people making partisan political arguments.

Along with all the other 'Founding Fathers', it is often asserted that Washington would be either appalled by or proud of all sorts of various political causes.

But I suspect that most people don't actually know hardly anything at all about George Washington any more. All I really knew before reading this book was that he was the first President.

He was the commanding general of our side in the Revolutionary war. I found this book to be fairly straight-forward, but still fascinating. The book was written more than years ago by Washington Irving, who had personally met George Washington in his life.

So some readers may find the older style of writing to be more difficult to read, or complain that it is boring. But on the plus side, it is also written in a more pure, journalistic fashion than a lot of modern non-fiction.

It didn't seem to strive to dramatize or spin the story of Washington's life.

A biography of washington irving

It simply gave you the facts of George Washington's early years leading up to the beginning of the American Revolution. And that was plenty of information in and of itself. Particularly I enjoyed the parts of the book describing Washington's earlier years growing up, and the years that he served in the British military.

I found it very informative on how he developed to eventually become the man and the leader that we would need.Washington Irving Biography Writer (–) Famed 19th century American author Washington Irving is known for his biographical works and such stories as 'Rip Van Winkle' and 'The Legend of Born: Apr 03, You can read Oliver Goldsmith, a Biography by Washington Irving, Gilbert Sykes Blakely in our library for absolutely free.

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A biography of washington irving

Washington Irving was born on April 3, , in New York City, New York. His father, William, was a merchant, and his mother, Sarah Sanders, was the daughter of an English clergyman. The American Revolution was just ending. The Irving family settled in Manhattan, New York and was part of the city's small, vibrant merchant class when Washington Irving was born on April 3, , the same week New York City residents learned of the British ceasefire that ended the American Revolution; Irving's mother named him after the hero of the revolution, George Washington.

a statue of American author Washington Irving, which was erected in , on the th anniversary of Irving’s death, to commemorate his role in sparking interest in Spain’s Moorish past.

A steep ascent leads past a fountain, erected in , to the main entrance of the Alhambra.

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